Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) founded in 1830 is a leading engineering university of Russia well known over the world.

Our University offers study programs leading to Bachelors and Masters degrees, Diploma of Engineer, PhD and Doctor of Science across a wide portfolio of subjects:


  • Basic Sciences;
  • Manufacturing Technologies;
  • Informatics and Control Systems;
  • Radioelectronics and laser engineering;
  • Robotics and complex automation;
  • Power engineering;
  • Special Machinery;
  • Engineering Business and Management;
  • Biomedical engineering;
  • Social Science and Humanities.


BMSTU is leading center of higher education and research engineering.

BMSTU scientists are collaborating in research projects with the Russian Academy of Science as well as are conducting a great deal of research-and-development activities with industry of Russia.

BMSTU teaches about 1400 international students and trainees from 71 countries throughout the world. So it makes special arrangements to provide support and assistance for them. BMSTU has agreements for cooperation with over one hundred universities.

International activities such as student and staff exchanges, joint education and research projects, conferences and seminars, joint development and publication of cooperative articles, textbooks and monographs play a significant role.

BMSTU has a developed network of canteens and buffets both in its buildings.

There is a House of Culture in BMSTU to give an opportunity for students, postgraduates and staff to enjoy a wide variety of leisure activities. Many of ensembles are also internationally known. The University offers a comprehensive sporting facilities.


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